Jews and Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies: Social Media Campaign Goes Viral

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As the Israeli operation Protective Edge has so far claimed over 1,000 dead, users have been flooding the web with dozens of photos of Jews and Arabs together showcasing peace and love, under the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. The campaign was launched by Abraham Gutman (Jewish) and Dania Darwish (Arab), both students at Hunter College in New York, immediately […]

What is the Proper Way to Poo?

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Our posture in the washroom immensely affects our health. [By Rahul @The Unknown; But Not Hidden] Yet more than half among us don’t maintain a right sitting posture while relieving them off the body waste. The presently and most commonly used toilet seat is a fairly new type which came into being after the engineering […]


The Mysterious Fake Town on North Korea’s Border

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Is Kijong-dong just an empty village?FROM the outside the North Korean village of Kijong-dong looks like any other town, brightly painted houses, schools, daycare, even a hospital. But on closer inspection all is not as it seems.Sitting in the heavily guarded Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea, Kijong-dong is widely referred to as the “Propaganda Village” and is […]

Five Mind Blowing Underwater Cities

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No doubt we have all heard of the legend of Atlantis, the ancient, once great city that was lost when the ocean submerged it. To this day the legendary city has yet to be found (or proven to have ever existed) yet over the years many other underwater cities have been found, each of them as eerie as they […]


The Dangers Of Taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen

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A splitting headache, tense back pain, a high fever… just three of the experiences that the majority of us have come to know and experience at various points in our lives -some of us more regularly than others. Whether it be because of the busy nature to our lives or our desire to remove these pains […]